April 30, 2020

We're often asked, "why is SVS in a baby box?" Well, there are many reasons. But, mostly, it's because our mission is to help every baby breathe, relax, and sleep. And by "every" we mean the more than 130 million babies born in our world every year. It's a BIG goal that pushed us to think out of the box. Ironically, we found the baby box is the best way to deliver the benefits of SVS.

Consider Baby Boxes...

  • Provide a safe sleep environment.  Baby boxes provide an environment where a baby sleeps alone, on their back, and on a firm, flat surface. Since Finland, starting providing free baby boxes to reduce bed-sharing, its popularity has increased around the world. Today, in the United States, several states and local government agencies, as well as community groups, provide free baby boxes for the same reason. And, it’s important to understand - no infant sleep product, including cribs, bassinets, playpens, or baby boxes, has proven to reduce SIDS.
  • Fit in smaller, confined spaces where most babies live and sleep.  Lightweight and portable baby boxes are easier to move than heavier cribs and playpens that take up more space.  
  • Eco friendly, using minimal materials. Conventional, cribs, and playpens use numerous types of materials and fasteners that require hand assembly. In order to generate profits these conventional sleepers are made in low-cost labor facilities in Asia, usually, China.
  • It can be made locally and shipped efficiently. Baby boxes can be made anywhere boxes are produced - which is a lot of places. And Prapela’s pop-up box takes up less space making it far easier to transport than a crib, playpen, or a standard bassinet.  
  • Useful after your baby is grown. Baby boxes are routinely used for storage after the baby outgrows the box. 
  • Generate less waste. Baby boxes are recyclable or incinerated, reducing the demands on our overburdened landfills.

In the years to come, you may find our SVS mattress in a crib, standard bassinet, or playpen. For now, we couldn’t think of a better way to start providing SVS than with a safe, right-sized, eco-friendly baby box that can be made and transported easier in almost any place in the world. 


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