Helping Newborns Relax and Sleep

July 02, 2019

Next-Gen Baby Box Award Winner adds American Technology to a Finnish tradition

Prapela, Inc. announced its full release of the Prapela SVS baby box to help console irritable newborns in a safe sleep environment.  Prapela's baby box features SVS a gentle, random vibration that operates with one proven setting, is non-habit forming and does not interrupt sleep cycles. 

The SVS baby box was initially recognized by Johnson & Johnson and the Finnish Innovation Fund after winning the Next-Gen QuickFire Challenge on December 4, 2017. Since then, Prapela licensed intellectual property from Harvard's Office of Technology Development improved quality and reduced the cost of the SVS sleep pad. Made in America with domestic and carefully selected imported parts, the SVS baby box sells for $234 with free shipping exclusively at

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Breakthrough Infant Health Promoting Vibration issued 2nd Patent in as many weeks

April 16, 2019

2nd Patent applies to infant apneic events

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the 2nd patent for Prapela’s infant health-promoting technology.  The new patent applies to infant apneic events which are common especially in premature newborns.  

Clinical studies demonstrate SVS can enhance the rhythmicity of infant breathing and improve relaxation.  In a study published in Pediatrics, the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), SVS was shown to significantly reduce apneic events in preterm infants. Prapela, Inc. has exclusively licensed SVS for infant health from Harvard’s Office of Technology Development (OTD).

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Breakthrough vibration to calm a fussy crying baby issued 1st patent

April 09, 2019

Prapela about to release SVS in its “next generation” baby box soon

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the first patent for Prapela’s infant health-promoting technology.  The first Stochastic Vibrotactile Stimulation (SVS) technology patent applies to reducing infant irritability and crying related to colic and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).  

Clinical studies demonstrate SVS can enhance the rhythmicity of infant breathing and improve relaxation.  Doctors recommend soothing colicky babies and newborns with NAS with skin to skin contact, snuggling, swaddling and caring for them in a dark, quiet room.  Prapela’s SVS is a new tool to complement these proven techniques.

Previously, Prapela’s SVS Baby Box took top honors in the “Next Gen Baby Box Quickfire Challenge” held in Helsinki, Finland sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Janssen and the Finnish Innovation Fund.  

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