Prapela Wins Massachusetts Life Science Center Award

September 03, 2019

Prapela's SVS hospital bassinet pad granted $200,000 to support regulatory clearance for neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Prapela, Inc. has been awarded $200,000 in the Milestone Achievement Program (MAP) from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.  The MAP program provides grant funding to early-stage life sciences companies for the execution of essential milestones on the path to commercialization. 

Prapela is integrating stochastic vibrotactile stimulation or SVS into a hospital bassinet pad.  SVS is a gentle, random vibration that is non-habit forming.  In a published clinical trial, SVS improved breathing, heart rate, and relaxation in pharmacologically managed opioid-exposed newborns.  "Our award will support efforts to obtain  FDA clearance for our reusable hospital bassinet pad, " said John Konsin, Co-founder and CEO of Prapela, Inc.  John continued,  “Investment in pediatric innovation is so crucial for our children.  We are incredibly grateful for this support from the Massachusetts Life Science Center.”

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Prapela accepts $1,000,000 award to help babies recovering from opioid exposure

Prapela Wins $1,000,000

August 27, 2019

The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge recognizes Prapela's SVS for the treatment of opioid-exposed newborns.

Prapela, Inc. has been awarded $1,000,000 for its efforts to improve the treatment of opioid-exposed newborns in the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge.   Prapela SVS is a gentle, random vibration that improves breathing, heart rate, and relaxation in newborns as they withdraw from opioids they were exposed to during pregnancy. 

 "We learned so much this past year from physicians, nurses, and therapists about our solution.  This award will accelerate the availability of our reusable hospital bassinet pad with SVS and support the NAS community of caregivers,”  said John Konsin, Co-founder and CEO of Prapela, Inc.

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Helping Newborns Relax and Sleep

July 02, 2019

Next-Gen Baby Box Award Winner adds American Technology to a Finnish tradition

Prapela, Inc. announced its full release of the Prapela SVS baby box to help console irritable newborns in a safe sleep environment.  Prapela's baby box features SVS a gentle, random vibration that operates with one proven setting, is non-habit forming and does not interrupt sleep cycles. 

The SVS baby box was initially recognized by Johnson & Johnson and the Finnish Innovation Fund after winning the Next-Gen QuickFire Challenge on December 4, 2017. Since then, Prapela licensed intellectual property from Harvard's Office of Technology Development improved quality and reduced the cost of the SVS sleep pad. Made in America with domestic and carefully selected imported parts, the SVS baby box sells for $234 with free shipping exclusively at

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